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Sunday, February 1, 2009

About Cranky Fitness Product Reviews

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Welcome to the Product Review Archive Page of the health blog Cranky Fitness!

Looks kinda funny here, doesn't it? It's not really a whole separate blog, but it doesn't look quite like a normal page of Cranky Fitness either. What's up with that?

This Was The Temporary Home for Product-Review Posts:  Due to a contract we had with an advertiser, there was a time we needed a separate blog for product review posts. However, we were never very diligent about putting everything here, so if you're searching for a particular product, please do check back at Cranky Fitness too. (The search bar is a the very top in that ugly Blogger navigation bar.)

WARNING: Most reviews are written in exchange for goods we receive. We will always let you know if we got to keep the item. Or if any sponsor is foolish brave enough to actually pay us cash in advance for a review, we'll take that too! But again, we'll always let readers know.

Will Sponsors Keep Offering Us Products If We're Honest About Them? We have no idea. We notice there are a lot of supposed blog "reviews" out there that sound suspiciously one-sided. Ours will actually be honest; we're too Cranky to pretend something's great if it's lame. (Those who caught Merry's Skinny Bitch workout video know this to be true).

Important Information for Potential Review Sponsors

Scared off yet? Actually, the fact that we're going to be honest in our reviews will work to your advantage if you've got a great product. We have spent years cultivating a reputation as being cranky, picky, whiny, and easily frustrated. If you make us happy: instant credibility!

Good news! Posts will, as of Fall 2011, appear back on the main blog. Google favors Cranky Fitness with a surprisingly nice page rank for a half-assed health blog.  Review posts, if they appear here, will just link back to coverage on the main blog.

 Sorry, we will not respond to all review requests; only products that are interesting to us.

We are willing to review a wide range of products that are arguably related to fitness--exercise, electronics, cooking, workout apparel, etc. However, we get lots of requests for items that sound too weird, specialized, tacky, or that would only cost us a few dollars to purchase if we were actually interested in them. Realistically, we are not going to pay the same attention to a request to review a fancy bottle of water as we would a new pair of high-tech running shoes.  In general we favor review/giveaway product opportunities worth at least $100.  And that's a crapload of bottled water.

Cranky Fitness also takes text and banner advertising, either single-page or site wide.  Email for more info!

Thanks for reading this post, and congratulations if you made it all the way down here!

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This Review and Giveaway Page was the temporary home for product reviews, which now appear in full back at the main blog.

While we've randomly included some old posts from Cranky Fitness concerning products in these archives, we weren't all-inclusive. So if you're looking for something particular, you may want to search back at the main blog too.

For more information, check out About CF Product Reviews.