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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pocket HD video camera giveaway!

My opinion of the Vado HD pocket video camera? Two thumbs up. I like the camera, and I've found a great way to use it to get fit.

The video camera: neat, petite, and sweet!

- This camera is cute. Lightweight and small, I really can put it in my pocket and take it with me.
- You can record in HD+, HD, or VGA.
- The controls are easy to learn and use.
- Comes with an HDMI connector as well as a USB connector, so you can play the video back on a digital television or PC.
- Replaceable battery.
- 8 MB memory (which translates to 2 hours of HD video or 8 hours of VGA).
- The main drawback is that my hands are too shaky to use the camera without a tripod or using something as a prop.

Okay, so it's cute. Why would this camera help me get fit?

The people at Creative gave me a Vado HD so that I could review it from a fitness perspective. It was suggested that using a video camera would improve performance -- you could videotape your workout and see where you need to focus, evaluate your form. I have no doubt in the hands of a fitter blogger**Crabby** the camera would have been put to exactly that use.

However, I know my form sucks -- at this stage my focus is on building up strength and endurance. In short, I'm concerned with finishing a workout. Looking at myself doing squats or lifts or whatevers would simply depress me.

I think having one of these cameras would be extremely helpful for people who are struggling to lose weight. There's a common problem out there in Weight Loss Land called 'Reverse Anorexia.' As one woman put it, "When I look at myself in the mirror with clothes on, I think I look, "a bit chubby, but OK." However when I see myself in a photo, especially next to others, I realize how bad I really do look! Motivation, indeed!!!"

It's easy to have a picture of yourself in your mind that does not correspond with what other people see. And if you think a 'fat' picture on the fridge is motivating, trust me -- it's nothing compared to videotaping yourself. Seeing myself move and talk on screen made me cringe, but it was an excellent reality check. This is what other people see, the part of me that I do not see.

Looking at myself from the outside was a wonderful way to motivate myself to keep going. Watching myself on video, I feel detached from the person I'm viewing but at the same time it's the face I see in the mirror each day. I have to be honest -- I don't like what I see. I want to change the way this body looks.

You know what I plan to do with this camera? Video tape myself, once a month. I'm going to upload each month's video to my PC and compare my progress from month to month.

Maybe I'll find the most unflattering bathing suit I possess -- it's somewhere in the back of the closet where I threw it last summer. Why wait until you're in the dressing room at the store under those unflattering fluorescent lights trying on swimsuits? Learn to see yourself honestly, accept what you've got, and if you're not happy with the reality of your situation then do one thing today, right now, to change it.

Also, I'd really recommend one of these to people who are looking for a new job or trying to find ways to 'sell' themselves in this economy. Rehearsing a job interview in the mirror feels kind of silly to me. Having a friend ask me interview questions while taping the interview, so I can get instant verbal and visual feedback on how to present myself? That would be a helluva boost.

Little quibbling irritants

- I was Not thrilled with the documentation. I realize they are mandated by Fussy Legislators to include long, pointless warranty information. I don't think it would have killed them to include a little more operational information.
- The battery must be put in printed side up, not down. (It fits in both ways.) Otherwise, you can charge the camera as much as you like, but it won't turn on.
- There's a headphone jack, but if you plug headphones in, the video goes black and you can only hear the audio alone.
- The computer that you play the video on has to have a certain processor speed, which is documented on the box (Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz). If you run the videos on a computer with a slower processor, the audio and video will not be in sync unless you shoot the video with a lower bitrate. This isn't a problem with the video camera, more of a problem with the computer.
Note: this problem apparently also exists with the Flip Mino HD, but (according to an Amazon reviewer) the workaround is not available for the Mino.
- You need to let the Vado install some software on your computer (H.264 codec) before you can play the video on Windows Media Player, and I believe Mac users would need to install an extra piece of software to run QuickTime.

Didn't you mention something about a giveaway?What are the details?
Yes, the kind folk at Vado want us to give a Vado HD pocket camera to a Cranky Fitness reader.

Who can enter?

Anyone with an American or Canadian mailing address.

What do I do to enter?

It's simple. Leave a comment below saying why this camera would be helpful to you. Would you use it for a workout critique? As a private diary recording your struggles with binge eating? For preparing for a job interview? It's okay if you really just want the camera to record the silly things your cat/dog/spouse does. We'll understand.

If you want to leave an anonymous comment, please include your name or some other means of identification in the comment.

When will the winner be announced?

The giveaway will be closed on Monday, February 16th, at 6 p.m. Oregon time.
The winning comment will be selected by Mr. Random Number Generator and announced at Midnight.
The winner is posted on the Cranky Fitness blog.

This contest is now closed. Sorry.

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  • I could totally use this on my workouts. Then I could post video online of how great I look running! Or not.

  • just saying GOOD MORNING & checking in.

    If I were to win (yada yada yada dont enter me)Id spend all day trailing cranky to see if she really is as curmudgeonly as she pretends to be ;)

  • Oh, Mr. RNG pick me! I would use it to prepare for job interviews and to motivate me to shed some excess tonnage.

  • Yes! I could use it for my workouts. (Seeing how I actually look is VERY motivational. The only mirror in my house is the bathroom one and I can only see myself in it from the neck up.)

    Also, it looks very similar to the FlipHD I bought for my husband which I want. Unforyunately, he has it with him all the time, making it very difficult for me to do things like video my kids.

  • Fine, I'll be the first commenter to admit that I would use the camera to video my dog doing cute things, like fetching the newspaper every morning.
    And cornering the wayward armadillo. And of course, sleeping. They're so cute when they're asleep!

  • I'd like to say I'd use it to monitor my home yoga practice, but probably I'd just use it for videos of my toddler and the baby due in May.

  • ...because i usually use the digital camera's video feature to see just how my butt jiggles when i jump rope... admit it...u kinda want to see the footage don't you?

    I have an american addy!! pick me!!


  • Three days ago, I was on a lunchtime run and I interrupted a coyote hunt. I was lamenting not having a video camera to catch a pic. This would have been perfect to have in my pocket!

  • Because I've always wanted to be a randomly generated number. And probably I would video my cat (full disclosure, here). Plus I like gadgets.

  • I can post silly cat videos of course! I actually would love to have it to bring on my Avon training walks and on the actual two day walk - my friends and I would love to have a video to show family/friends/potential donors what we are doing and why!
    American address, btw

  • I'd love to win the video camera. I'd probably take a lot of video of my dog since my kids are in college

  • so many uses! I would probably find a way to tape myself practicing job interview questions while working out while my cat does something hilarious in the foreground..and to make video birthday cards for friends...

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 4:13 AM
  • I've only recently posted my first ever video on youtube, and the quality totally sucks! I would use this camera to help me jump higher, run faster, and achieve world peace.

    said dragonmamma/naomi on February 10, 2009 at 4:31 AM
  • I think it would be fun to take this on runs and shoot scenery or funny commentary on how much pain I am in haha!

  • I would completely love this camera. Several months from now (see my most recent blog entry for more details if you're really interested - so I don't hog all your comment space!) I'm going to walk in teh Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure, which is a 3-day 60 mile walk. I've promised my readers twitters and pictures from my phone, but wow, wouldn't a video of the experience be great?

  • I could use it to prep for job interviews, plus my style consultant (almost-15 year old daughter) would find a million uses for it none of us has thought of.

  • Hey, I would love to win this little video camera! Been thinking I'd like to skype some of my workouts and send them to an EP I worked with...but then there is the whole cumbersome laptop problem with the viewfinder....and then there is the problem that she is not a skyper. Ahaaa! a video camera would solve this problem pronto and would work so much better.

    Love your blog!! Read it daily.

  • I would say that this camera could help me "focus" on my strengths and weaknesses. I "shutter" to think that I may be doing things wrong. Winning would be a "movie" experience.

  • I would use that camera to record all manner of interesting things. Not sure about the butt jiggling, but calves would probably be involved. (interpret that as you would like...:))

  • I think I would use the camera as a video diary for fitness and health issues that I have. I know the importance of journalling and reflecting on how one feels after each workout, but the last thing I want to do after working out, or cooking a healthy meal is to get out my journal, sweat all over it, and sit still to write. I think video, or even audio would be a good idea.
    I think I would also make my own workout videos and record a prescribed workout to keep myself motivated and using correct form every day for two weeks, and then make a new one!

  • What a great idea to use it during the workouts, I see myself in the mirror and think I'm looking better and then I see a picture of myself and CRINGE at how big I really still am. What a great way to keep it private and document your workouts. Of course I want it. Who wouldn't?

  • Pick me! Pick me! Missicat wants me to get a video of my cat doing the snow dance! She said so!


  • Cooooooollllll... I think it would be fun to take on some trail runs with me. I am always saying that I would love to show people the beauty of where I run, but my bulky slr camera is far too big to drag along.

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 5:29 AM
  • I'd use this to keep a more realistic view of how I look. I too have reverse anorexia where I think I look fabulous but, in reality, can spare a pound or 70. It'd be nice to have a visual que of this every so often!

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 5:32 AM
  • I would definitely use this to record my roller derby team's practices so we could laugh at ourselves getting knocked down! I do NOT need video documentation of me running :)

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 5:32 AM
  • I would post videos of me talking on my blog - because I'm not goofy enough in my writing, I want everyone to experience the dorkdom that my husband and kids get to live with everyday!!

  • Ooh...this would make it so much easier to see how to improve my passes!

    (Not that kind of pass! Rugby passing)

    And also, obviously, in the quest for the next great viral video!

    Great post!

  • My two younger kids took photography class at homeschool co-op last semester, and really showed a bit of talent for it. Of course, they would probably use this to take embarrassing pictures of each other and their friends, and torment their mother whining, "No fair! He/She got it last!"

    Still, I might get in a few shots of my form, and that should be worth ignoring the yelling -- shouldn't it?

  • Don't put me in the contest but I did want to say this looks like a cool little camera! I'm so enamored of these little tiny cameras they have on the market now. Although I have to say the idea of using it to take a video of me in my most unflattering suit sounds like my personal idea of hell;)

  • I recently started cross-fitting and love it, I want to make sure my form is correct as well as tape myself cross-fitting so I can try to post my video to the main or affiliate sites, once I get better of course..

  • I admit I'd probably use it to tape my cats, dog, and husband, but I'm bound to get caught on video too, and, unlike photos, I couldn't just go on Photoshop to try to hide the parts of me I don't like, so it would serve as motivation for me to work out more!

    Yay, that kinda works, right?

  • No way would I be using this to video myself. However there's this little dance sorta thing that the seagulls who live on the golf course do that I've been wanting to capture for a couple years now.

  • I need this camera because my golden retriever is fat, too, and he needs positive reinforcement to reach his goals.

    Also, he's cute when he eyes the squirrels. That would be good on camera, too.

  • I would mostly tape my kids doing cute kid-tricks if I won the camera. But actually I would love to check on my form doing some yoga poses and such. That would be very helpful.

  • Fitness? pfffft.
    I was going to use it to capture the crazy people I see on the subway!

    Er, I mean, to do my race reports.


  • This camera looks awesome! I would use it to practice teaching yoga...I have been certified as a teacher but I need to practice actually teaching...this camera would help me know what I really look/sound like while teaching!

  • So instead of just writing about how ridiculous I look when I workout, I can show you.

  • These all sound like great reasons :)

  • I'd use it to tape my trainer when he's trying to explain/demonstrate form of new (to me) exercises

    said Sanpeter on February 10, 2009 at 6:38 AM
  • I'd use it to take pics of my food for my food journal. Would be so much quicker than taking out pen and paper!

    said Christina on February 10, 2009 at 6:45 AM
  • I'd use it to see if I'm really doing the Standing Split pose like the people on Inhale... oh, and I'd video my kids...

  • Yay, I need a new video camera! My old one is like fifteen years old and won't work right. I need it for taping my student's lessons and my practices. I hate watching myself sing, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million in terms of educating yourself about yourself.

    I never thought of taping a workout, but it's a great idea!!!

  • I would use the camera to motivate me to work out. That is I would tape a snip telling me that I do need to workout for my health, and then I would look at it each day? Is that weird?.... or, I would tape my dogs...

  • I'd use it to make yoga videos for my 5 year old niece who wants me to teach her all the poses she doesn't know yet.

  • I'd use the camera as a video diary as I've never been able to write in journals. I can't get past my handwriting...

  • I looked up reviews to check its Mac compatibility and it said "Mac users have to manually copy videos to computer" so I'll pass. On the other hand, if I won I could give it to Bag Lady so I could see more cow videos! Yeah, that's it.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  • I'd use it to check my form when I do yoga.

  • Hey, RG (Random Generator):

    I cannot tell a lie. I want to win the camera because it would be a cool thing to use to videotape my husband painting live. This is something he has done regularly, over many years, and we have almost no significant documentation of it.

    Having a cool gadget like this video camera around would sure be inspiring.

    Puh-lease pick me!


  • If I were to win I'd use it to record dance rehearsals from my dance class so I can use them to practice at home and probably record my hubby and friends just being silly.

  • I'd totally use this camera to document that I actually finish a race. The programmer tries to take pictures but all you ever see is my butt on the side of the frame, lol.

  • Great review! I don't have any mirrors (uh, intentionally) in the room where I practice yoga, but y'know, I would like just to CHECK and make sure my form isn't horific. I could also use the camera to check out my running form and cry-- or make modifications.

  • Oh, I would definitely use it as a monthly "progress check" tool - my perception of myself has never matched reality (reverse anorexia indeed), and I think this would help.

  • What a great camera. I would love to use it on my walks and to see how I'm doing, as a video diary.

  • Ohhh shiny. I like shiny things.

    I would love it so I can actually record my children. They are like, growing up, way too fast and I barely remember to take pictures but I would love some video of them as well.

  • I'd love to use it as a video blog.

    (And also because I will be an auntie for the first time this summer!)

  • I would use the camera to take videos of myself bouncing on my trampette. This way, I could evaluate which sports bra is actually best!


  • I use my ichat video all the time to rehearse because you probably don't know this but I am FAMOUS.

    And your description Neat, Sweet, & Petite describes me perfectly.

    Because my digital camera and brand new computer was stolen the day I found out I had cancer, I could really use a camera. *snob*

    If someone else wins it, I'll be happy for them too.

  • I'm just so happy there's a contest that's open to Canadians! If I were to win this camera, I would use it to film my personal training clients. Before and after video's would be extremely helpful, I think.

    - Dave

  • Oh my goodness, what awesome reasons!

    And yes MizFit, you would indeed catch me being Cranky.

    I actually have a flip that we got for Christmas (similar to the vado but not hd) but have not posted anything on the blog yet, as I can't quite figure out how random pictures of the cat and coastal scenery and our family gatherings have much to do with health and fitness. But I keep THINKING I'm going to do a fitness video post someday. These little cameras really are nifty!

  • I don't have mirrors in the right place or big enough to see myself doing yoga (also, it's distracting). I could start back up again and try to do it right!

    said Diane (TT) on February 10, 2009 at 8:07 AM
  • this would be awesome for recording my yoga-- i can always improve my form and when practicing at home it is really difficult to check yourself.

  • Okay, I admit, I would totally use it to discover what my dog does when I am not home. AND to record him hopping across the living room on his hinds legs. But I promise I will not corner you and make you watch cute dog tapes. I would ALSO take it on my weekly wilderness adventures- saturday, for example, i saw a whole herd of deer running across the prairie, where they mixed peacefully with a herd of bison. This would encourage me to do still more hiking, and possible actually launch my imagined blog wherein I review every state park in Minnesota. I really, really want to win this one.

  • Something like that would be very helpful to me in checking my form and doing a gait analysis, if I could coax my husband to assist. It's easy when you're at the PT's office and you know you're being watched and evaluated, but what would be more helpful is a look at how things are going late in a workout when you're thinking about how much you want to be finished, instead of how you look.

    Maybe a vid of my husband wouldn't be such a bad idea, either. He's way too complacent about his weight gain and I miss our runs and bike rides together. A video might be just the ticket to make him see how much he's let himself go. I don't care if he's buff or not, but it worries me that he's not as strong and healthy as he used to be.

    A video of the bunny trying to hump the cat might be fun too, but don't tell anyone! :-0

  • Hmm, I think a camera like this would be wonderful for documenting random hikes around the City, doing daily video blogs, and video taping myself to see how my yoga poses are coming along (I really can't focus on the pose AND look in the mirror at the same time).


  • How could I use it, let me count the ways...

    Isn't that how the poem goes? Oh. Well with 3 kids, a husband, a huge extended family, and a multitude of pets, there is no telling how many ways in which that adorable pocket size camera would come in handy. Count me in on the fun.

  • Funny, I remember dressing up for a Christmas party one year (one 250 pound year) and thinking I looked okay. Then I saw the pics, oh God, I looked like a big red woman Santa. That was the beginning. A camera does not lie.

  • OOOOOOHHH! I really, really, need (want) this.....for so many different reasons. Logically it would be handy for taping trail runs and good for a laugh when reviewing my latest fitness craze..."Dirty Dancing" (please don't tell anyone!), and of course for the random sneak attack video of the kids doing stuff they're not supposed to. So, Please Mr. RNG pick me!

    said AttaGirl on February 10, 2009 at 9:17 AM
  • I would totally use this to record my workouts! And by "workouts" I mean kids.
    (But, see, then I could release THAT as a workout video! "OK, run up and down the stairs 14 times, now jump on the bed for 20 minutes. Good! Now pick up that heavy object and heave it in the vicinity of your sibling's head, just like on the video! Terrific! To cool down, we'll have a HUGE temper tantrum and fall asleep! Excellent job, see ya next time!")

  • I would love to record Hubs chasing our new puppy all over our tiny apartment. That counts as exercise, right?? :)

  • I could use this cam to do some video blogging, and take people along for the ride as I train for my first marathon. It might not be a particularly *interesting* ride, but what can you do?

  • I'd use it to tape my dog agility runs/practice. Gait analysis for both me and the dogs, after all they need to keep up with their fitness too.

  • Let me count the ways... the obvious humiliation of seeing myself on film, the joy it would give my 15 year old to once again show me how to use something techy, the fun it would be to get something new and totally superfluous, when right now we're all worried about how to keep our jobs and make ends meet. (And why is it, that instead of getting skinny when times are LEAN, we get FATTER?????????).

  • I would totally use this to videotape myself in my swimsuit! Seeing all the jiggles would be really motivating, especially in order to focus more on strength training, which I feel like I definitely neglect. I also totally understand the seeing you next to someone else and feeling fatter feeling-for me, it's especially in pictures, seeing a picture and being like, "that chubby one...that's me?!"

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 12:33 PM
  • Hey, I could use this to make cooking videos for my new cooking blog! Sweet! :D

    (I'm with Charlotte though: the idea of deliberately taking unflattering video of myself to motovate me by causing me to hate my body? DEFINITELY hellish.)

  • I could totally use this for my bellydancing - I could record my routines and movements when I drill and see how I'm doing and what corrections I need to make to improve. I'd also love to be able to record my instructor doing moves so I can have a visual trainer at home.

    Pick me pick me pick me :)

  • I would WANT to use the camera to capture important life events, like running my first race next fall.

    But more than likely, I would used it to annoy innocent bystanders by pretending I was a making a documentary and asking them ridiculous, pointless, and endless questions.

  • I would use it to make video posts more often on my blog. I've been blogging for over 6 years, and in that time I only have one video post! :)

  • I would use the camera to create interesting little documentaries that may or may not include people with their pets.

  • Hmmm, I want this video camera to video tape...things. Not me of course, I hate being in front of a camera, but other people, them I'll tape.

  • I could use this video camera for so many things... vids or the kiddo, the workouts, outdoor events, and my trip to FL for the space shuttle launch.

  • I would use it to catalog my progress. And see how my new workout routine looks.

  • I would take it with me on my walks through the woods around our house. We livein the mountains so it would be great to have a video log of the area.

  • If I were to win, I would probably tape myself once or twice, and be horrified by what I see. Then, I'll move on to recording:
    -Snippets of grocery bike rides
    -My dog's odd behavior on runs/hikes
    -My children's odd behavior in fun runs & 5k races, and on hikes
    -Screaming matches between cyclists and drivers
    -The ride across the Pumpkinvine Trestle on the Silver Comet Trail

    At some point, my spouse would likely use the Vado to record me running, and I'd realize it's not just that race photographers have bad timing, but that I actually look that goofy all the time.

  • I have a digital camera but I forget to charge the darn battery sometimes and then I can't use it when I need it.......

    So, if I won, it would be extra insurance to me that a camera would be available anytime to take my monthly progress motivating picture ;)

  • Would love to take video and use it to really see my progress...without posing, without good camera angles, without all the tricks! Pure and simple me and how I'm changing.

  • Dear Mr. Random Number Generator, please be a babe and pick me, pick me!!

    I am on a weight loss journey of a lifetime and I am currently separated from my weight loss buddy. My Mom and I vowed to get healthy for the sake of each other and for the sake of happiness and well being. Having a camera to record videos to send her showing my progress would be wonderful! I could show off how walking at college is getting me in shape and show her how much I love/miss her at the same time!

    Consider me, RNG! :]

  • I think it'd help me get deeper into my yoga by helping me with form!:)

  • Might be useful in checking a horse in training.


    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 2:50 PM
  • Ooh fun!

    I like videotaping myself dancing in my room. That way I can see how silly I look and how NOT to dance when I'm out with friends.


    Also, a video would be awesome to have because I think I'd have to start doing little videos on my blog. Just for kicks. That is such a cute gadget.

  • This would be so useful for filming my weight loss progress, in a so-much-more-real than photos kind of way! It's so much easier to get a perfect angle for a photo where you look smaller than you actually are, but when you're doing a full rotation for the video camera, there's no hiding your back end!


  • OMG I want it. First of all, I would use it for monthly progress pictures, I have 80lbs to lose and have been wishing I could take some progress pictures. Also I've been kind of toying with the idea of starting a food/weight loss blog. Last but not least, I would carry it around because it would make me more awesome. I like to use anything that increases my awesomeness :D

    said Marilyn H on February 10, 2009 at 4:04 PM
  • I would definitely use it to document how I look in comparison with others. I agree, seeing it is quite the motivator.

  • God, I totally need help with form! It would be great to have a video camera. I tried to start doing plank position for core strengthening, and threw my back out! I have a steel rod fused to my spine so most core exercises are right out.

    said AlaskaJoey on February 10, 2009 at 4:41 PM
  • I would use this to record my workouts, prepare for job interviews and mostly just to record my beautiful granddaughters funny antics.

  • I would use this camera to make video posts. I have been toying with the idea of more photo posts, but video posts are way cooler.

  • ohhh pick mw!!
    feel pitty on this poor 'ole
    soul that doesn't have a camera
    at all. i would post my thoughts on my weight
    loss and maybe my trwadmill workouts. oh i can't
    forget vids of my oh so cute toddler.

  • Oh fun. I'd use it for all the same things I try to capture with my camera, but mess up because I can never figure out the settings in time. Crazy critters mostly.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • First I would use it as a guide for my clients to see their correct form during weight training.Second... I would use it to empower my clients by reaffirming their fitness philosophies through video blogging.
    Third,...well you have to be creative these days so I guess having the pocket HD video camera would allow me to make money creatively!

  • Aw your contest closes on my first anniversary! (it's the little things over here) :)

    I think i would use the camera to record little things, like my pupper Reuben, but also big things, like documenting our current house hunt. One thing I REALLY want to do though is make cooking videos. Show how I come up with a week's meal plan, and make it all on Sunday nights! I think it would be fun to have and could help people. And i'm lame and would probably "cook with myself" instead of reading my recipe. hehe

  • I would love to win this camera - it is the perfect size. It would fit in my pocket and I could take it out to capture those pictures you always wish you had brought your camera for.

  • i'd totally use it for silly things, like videoing the kids. :) although i'm sure that seeing myself on camera would be quite motivating in the weight loss department!

  • I have both Vado and Vado HD. Both have been fantastic and much better than my first Mino. Vado HD is on sale for $199. The HD video looks great. For the "Moms" of the world who want something cheap to toss in the diaper bag, the regular Vado pocket video cam is a steal at $69.

    You can see them here:

    said Anonymous on February 10, 2009 at 9:05 PM
  • I would use the camera to vid myself doing yoga and, like crabcakes here, use as a motivational tool and track my body over a period of time to see how effective the motivation is. I imagine it would be pretty powerful. Much more powerful than the photo of me up three years ago before having baby #2.

  • I would record me running and maybe it would give me clues as to why my knee has started to hurt midrun lately.I'm hating that! Also,it seems very portable,perfect for my daughter's dance competitions.

  • If I was selected by Mr. RNG I'd use the camera to document my journey from barely hanging on the bar to being able to do a full, unassisted pull-up (while my cat rides along of course).

  • Since I have type2 diabetes & am 50lbs. overweight I have been trying to incorporate "senior" yoga, the balance-ball, belly dancing & core exercises into my daily routine. Haaa, I'm sure I must look rediculous but since I live alone & don't have any mirrors except the one above my bathroom sink I could really use a camera to record myself in all the rediculous positions I must be putting myself in. Since I can't see myself, I have no way of knowing if I am really doing my exercise routines properly or what I look like when I attempt to do them although its probably quite laughable. The camera would definately show me how I need to improve so I can become a graceful swan instead of a big silly duck.

  • Wow, what wouldn't I use the pocket camera for? Well, probably not showering or other private stuff like that. But otherwise, I'd be carrying that baby around all the time to use for all sorts of fun.

  • for all those moments i stop and say, "if only i had a camera"

  • Since I moved my kids 1200 miles away from my family, I need this to keep in touch and share memories with them.

  • I'll throw my name in! I'd use this to videotape my dog most likely. And heck, maybe I'd even start documenting my half marathon training...

  • I think I'd like to do the same thing: video once a month and document my improvements. I promise that I would never, ever post these on youTube!


    said Anonymous on February 11, 2009 at 7:26 AM
  • Hello, I could use one. I love new products and I would show all my friends. I could finally find who's been stealing my lunches at work!

  • This would be awesome! How would I use it? That's easy.... My husband has just expressed an interest in "working on his physique" due to an upcoming cruise...... He also travels for work quite a bit. I would videotape my planned "workouts" for him - and send him with a CD or some such! This would be incrediby useful!

  • WOW, I thought I was the only one with that reverse anorexia thing!!! Your post has made me feel so much better- I'm not alone!

    But seriously, as I'm getting less and less motivated to stay active, seeing photographic proof would help keep me going, but there's no kick in the pants like videographic proof!

    I just wish there was some way to excercise in my sleep. I never have a problem making time to sleep......

    Great post, great idea on the videocamera. Keep up the great grumpy fitness. I love it!

  • I would definitely use this to make sure that I'm keeping my form while working! (and maybe to capture the super cute things my dog does....)

  • I'd use it to record myself doing yoga or jumping on my rebounder. Then I'd scare, er, motivate myself by watching it.

  • I'm trying to learn weight lifting for strength training. Ok little bitty weights but I can't get the form right. I could record my teacher showing the correct form and use it at home.

  • I'm not gonna lie. I'd use the camera to record my roommates doing embarrassing things, like drooling while they nap on the futon or belting out Celine Dion ballads in the shower. Maybe then I could blackmail them into washing the dishes and taking out the trash once in a while...

  • I would use this to record fun outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Would have loved to have this weekend when my boyfriend & I go dogsledding!!

  • I will probably use it to record myself exercising. I have no mirrors in the living room. but secretly I hope to catch my husband doing something silly with it.

  • I'd use it to take video of myself figure skating, so I can see what I look like and what I need to fix!

  • Hi, long-time fan and lerker de-lerking now! I need a video camera to tape my performances (I'm an opera singer) and using it for my workouts may be a nice idea too! Thanks for doing this for us!!

  • husband would totally have to believe me that he snores if I taped him...

    Otter from SC

  • Oh, I like the previous comment about recording your husband snoring...that would give me such an "I told you so!"..I would also use it to share our dog's moments of cuteness with my kids who no longer live here...(I miss them)...Thanks!

  • Gee, I don't know how you're going to pick from all these worthy intentions.

    I love your blog, but I have to say I promise not to use it for anything related to food or fitness. I'll use it to spread joy among the masses with videos of my sweet, funny doggie.

    said stealinhome on February 11, 2009 at 8:39 PM
  • I would totally use it to remind myself of my reverse anorexia. Then every time I tried to convince myself 'I don't really need to go for a run' I'd video tape myself to prove I do!

  • If this is anything like the Flip, it's this amazing little camera you can store in your purse to catch odd moments of your life. I used it to tape my friend's reaction when we gave her surprise tickets for her bday to New Kids on the Block.

  • That's a great idea, recording your workout so you can check your form. But I, too, would be depressed to watch it. I would love to win so I could record tutorials and how-does-she-do-that videos for my jewelry business.

  • I do always wonder if I look as dorky working out as a few other people in the gym. This camera would help with that reality check. ~sigh~ I'm probably way goofier than I can even comprehend.

  • Honestly, I'd just use it to video the dog and the kids. I'll pretend to use if for workouts if you'd like!

  • I could love the pocket HD video camera giveaway.

    For a lot of reasons, but one would be to annoy my friends with it. :)

  • The Cranky Fitness legal team wishes to emphasize that Cranky Fitness is not liable for any damages or emotional distress caused by anyone annoying their friends with this video camera.

    Tsk, Ms. Orangehands ;)

  • I would use it as motivation to get in better shape! Yeah right, I'd just use it to make crappy Youtube videos.

  • I would use it on my runs, so that when I do fall, I'll have it on camera. Hopefully it will show how gracefully I fell.

  • I would use this to record other workouts so I could vary my routine. I would also use it for all the other reasons mentioned by everyone else, wouldn't we all?

  • Reverse anorexia??? Wow. Never heard of it before, but I've got it. I probably would NOT use the video cam to assail myself with reality. Why not just keep feeling beautiful? I know someone out there will give me a good reason.

  • This would be so cool! It's small enough that I would actually take it with me! The one I have sitting on a shelf in the storage cabinet is just collecting dust because it takes up all of the space in my backpack.

    I'd definitely use it to take photos of the Volksmarch walks I have been visiting. I think it would be cool to have photos of the scenery (and the cute walkers - ME) on the trails posted to the local Volksmarch Club site so folks would know how great the walks are.

    Since I'm training for a Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in August, I'm hitting the trails just about every day! Woo Hoo!

  • I would use it to take videos on my daily walks. I think it would be great motivation to get outside every day.

  • Photos definitely give you an honest look at yourself. I need *something* to motivate me -- I'm doing OK exercise-wise, but I still need to make some serious diet changes. Maybe videos of my jiggle would inspire me. :-P

  • (I am thrilled to have stumbled across Cranky Fitness--so much common sense and awareness and good humor which are all a REAL help!!)
    This little camera would help with my reverse anorexia (but hey- if I "believe" I am not so heavy, why doesn't that just "manifest" for me??). I've never owned a video camera, so this would be way cool.

    thanks Cranks.

  • So cool! I want one :)

  • Oh, awesome! I would definitely do a "motivation" video to kick my butt into a higher gear. I would also take it on my runs with me to record the scenery (read: distract myself from feeling like my legs will explode.) I don't know if I want to see my strength training form quite yet...

  • i would use this to make my own work-out videos, i think i can do it! i could be the next Chalene Johnson, and people would like me even more because i'd be losing weight with them as well and i wouldn't be wearing one of those tight sports bras and no shirt that show off my none existent hot abs! i'd be a star i'm telling you, a star!

  • As I have been learning olympic weighlifting, the ability to critique and correct form is HUGE! I had someone post a video of me doing a backsquat with a barbell one day only to find the source of my recent ITBand pain... my right knee kept dropping in on the lift.

    Video that is easy to bring along, set up and record is a great way to keep tabs on your performance and make minor adjustments along the way. I'd love to have a camera like this-- it would be awesome. (not to mention to record the hell that is biking through Brooklyn to get to the gym in the first place!)

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    said Anonymous on April 2, 2009 at 12:05 AM
  • Thank you for this post. I just won a Vado at BlogHer09, but it WAS NOT WORKING! After searching for hours on Creative's site and in Google, I found your post about the battery and now it seems to be working well! THANK YOU!!


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