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Friday, June 5, 2009

SleepPhones Review and Giveaway

So as I was saying (back on the main blog), I sometimes need some help getting to sleep when it's noisy outside.

But before I tell you what's so nifty about the SleepPhones system, I'd like to whine a bit about other available methods of dealing with this problem. Because if there weren't some whining and complaining, how would you know that you were really still at Cranky Fitness?

Other Solutions to Night-Time Noise That I've Tried:

A "sleep soother" machine like they sell at Sharper Image, the kind that play white noise or various other sounds that are supposed to lull you to sleep.

I hated it.

Not only did it prove I am a schizophrenic because I heard voices in it, but the sound quality was really crappy, and the sounds were recorded loops that only lasted a few seconds. I couldn't help but pick out repetitive noises and then wait for them to come back around again, and again, and again. Neurotic, who me?

Earplugs. They creep me out. (I don't do earbuds on my iPod either. I hate things inside my ears.)

Closing the Window And Turning on the Air Conditioner. This works but makes me feel incredibly wasteful. We get a nice cool breeze most summer nights, and I hate to shut that out and use a power-guzzling machine just because some obnoxious idiot is out there slamming down tequila shots, cranking his stereo and crooning along to I Shot The Sheriff.

Lying There Feeling Angry and Frustrated. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually enjoy being Cranky. I'd prefer to be relaxed and happy and blissful!

So, What are Sleep Phones and Why Do I Like Them Better Than These Other Options?

They're headphones embedded in a soft fleecy headband that you wear over your ears and plug into your mp3 player, cd player, or other audio device. I use my iPod because it's pretty unobtrusive. (And did you know your iPod has timer and alarm functions? I didn't!)

The headphones are designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in. The package also comes with a lavender sachet and a CD that has three tracks--the one I'm partial to is 30 minutes long and it's called "Rowayton Stream."

Okay, I'll confess, "Rowayton Stream" is the only one I downloaded. The other two are called "Harriman Birds" and "Wake Up!" Since I've already got cacophonous birdcalls waking me up at 4:30 am , I thought I'd pass on any dang birdies chirping. And "Wake Up!" didn't sound all that promising as a track for putting me to sleep.

These soundtracks feature binaural beats, which through a complicated process that I've never quite understood, are supposed to affect your brainwaves and help you to sleep. Over at the SleepPhones site they've got a round-up of some of the relevant binaural beat research. They also offer several more free sleep-inducing mp3 downloads over on the SleepPhone downloads page.

The downside of binaural beats? Well, they sound odd. It's sort of like a washing machine is sitting in the middle of my peaceful Rowayton Stream, on spin cycle, thrumming away.

Excuse me, washing machine, what are you doing here?
Don't you have some dirty clothes to tackle down in the basement?

Actually, at least it sounds like an expensive, possibly European washing machine is sitting in the stream, not a 15 year old Kenmore with a pair of tennis shoes in it. So after a few seconds I don't tend to notice the binaural beat aspect anymore, and I like the idea that it might be messing with my brainwaves and helping me sleep. But if that creeps you out or annoys you, you can use any old CD or MP3 you want to lull you to sleep.

Besides drowning out obnoxious neighbors, the SleepPhones are also supposed to help with tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, and are probably a good alternative to divorce if you have a spouse who snores.

Additional Options for Dealing With Insomnia

The SleepPhones people have conveniently put together a nice list of sleep hygiene tips, saving me from gathering them up.

And I also thought I'd mention that there was a recent study out endorsing an online cognitive behavioral approach to insomnia. Time Magazine has a good article on the study and on web-based insomnia treatments. Apparently some health insurers like Blue Cross and Aetna offer free anti-insomnia programs, and there are cheap retail versions at or I see no reason not to try both the SleepPhones and an online CBT program, but what do I know? I don't have insomnia, just noisy neighbors.

How To Win Your Own Set of SleepPhones:

Leave a comment on this post by Tuesday night, June 9th; the winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and announced sometime the next day on Wednesday June 10th. If you win, please send an email with your name and mailing address to Crabby McSlacker at Gmail dot com by midnight Saturday June 13th.

The good news: if you live outside the U.S., you can enter! The bad news: if you win, it may take longer for your SleepPhones to arrive. Also, depending on where you live, you may be required to pay import tax. But if you're okay with that, please leave a comment!

So does anyone have any issues getting or staying asleep, or do you just drop right off? Any good tips for beating insomnia?


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  • Don't enter me, but I think this is a fabu product! I, myself, do sleep rather fantastically (pats self on back) but somehow a fan in the room always helps ease me into slumber faster! so yay for sleepphones!

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  • I have the worst time sleeping, I toss and turn all night long and if I do manage to fall asleep I wake up a few times to pee and heaven forbid a bird is outside it will take me the next hour to fall asleep by trying to focus on the fan and cover my head with the covers.'s awful and when I was a kid I used to sleep until 11am dead as a doornail. WHAT HAPPENED???

    I absolutely laughed out loud reading that you heard voices in the sleep machine, maybe it was a subliminal message for you to buy more expensive junk at Sharper Image.

    Definitely I want in on this giveaway! Thanks Cranky!

  • I have a terrible time getting to sleep. My brain just wants to follow tangents of random thoughts rather than get down to the business of falling asleep.
    Some SleepPhones would be fabulous in finding that elusive Off switch for my brain.

  • Interesting. Wondering how well it would stay on one's head all night?

    I mostly sleep well, but these days that requires ear plugs because I have a husband who snores. I don't like putting plugs in my ears either (and I don't use ear buds for my iPod), but it's either ear plugs or get rid of my husband. Honestly, nothing makes me more hostile that being kept awake by snores. I am generally a pretty laid back person, but snoring brings out whatever violent tendencies I have...I start to think about pounding on my poor Husband as hard as I can. I don't do it, but I think about it.

    Sometimes the ear plugs don't work, then I end up going to sleep in the spare room where it is nice and quiet. I suggested separate bedrooms, but for some reason Husband wouldn't go for that.

  • Outside my window right now, I hear a hoot owl. Dead summer brings billions of crickets and not the kind you hear when someone has something boring to say *crickets*.
    I would not give those up for anything in the world except an occasional sleepover at Chris's house in Scruz near the homeless shelter with the Costco parking lot looming large in his backyard, in an industrial neighborhood where when he first bought his house it was a mellow, old Italian area of town but is now crawling with the worst of the worst and then some.
    I take ativan.
    But these sleep phones sound very cool.
    Though don't enter me as I recently one Charlie's book and am grateful.
    I just wanted to give my two cents as per usual.

  • Enter me! It's for a friend :-)

  • Oh this sounds so amazing! I have the worst time drowning out sounds so I listen to my iHome a lot, but that only helps me a little because I have to keep it really low to avoid annoying others in the house sleeping! I hate putting the earbuds in my ears when I'm sleeping (I have a fear I might strangle myself..) Anyhow I listen to audiobooks to put me to sleep but that can sometimes keep me up! Though I've probably listened to Harry Potter like a billion times...Jim Dale's voice is bloody amazing...

  • Don't enter me. I'm a multiple birth child who's family had two dogs. I can sleep through a lot (in college, I proved that by falling asleep desipte my roommate refusing to turn off any lights, and playing her music. I woke up when she called her mom at 3 a.m. and screamed about how stressed she was, but quickly fell asleep mid-rant.)

  • I'm generally a good sleeper, but when the odd bout of insomnia strikes, I DO something instead of wishing I was asleep! There's nothing more frustrating that just lying there... So, I'd grab my book and, so as not to disturb the husband, go and read in the other bedroom for a while, or I'd get online and chat with my blogging buddies in other parts of the world.

    Having said that, I'd still love a set of Sleepphones!

  • It takes me about 10 seconds to fall asleep at night, except for those nights when the hubs falls asleep before me and starts the chain-saw snoring. So yeah, enter me please! My mom could really use these - she has a horrible time sleeping at night, so if I win, I'll probably give them to her.

  • I live with a snorer - and can still hear him with earplugs in. Dear me, this could be the answer to my wishes! Could be - nothing's set in stone, but I'd still love the chance to try!

  • We have those birds at 4 a.m. here!! My husband needs a fan to fall asleep (for the noise). It drives me crazy. I'd love to be able to block that noise out! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm in!

  • I just saw these in one of the magazines I subscribe to, too, so was thrilled to see your review and giveaway! I could probably spend hours, nay days (or, my husband would interject if he were here, years) complaining about noisy and inconsiderate neighbors, but instead I'll just say this: I'm a light sleeper, and even hot baths and deep breathing and the scent of lavendar can't compete with neighbors who have decided to get drunk and play pow-pow-pow video games into the wee hours of the a.m., cursing at them and each other with epithets that make me quiver with anger 'neath my sheets.

    Whew. I feel a little better. (Enter me in the contest, in other words. Please don't penalize me for giggle a little at "Rowayton Stream," which sounds like something David Sedaris would think up.)

  • I would give these to my husband. I have to leave my watch in the other room, because the ticking on my night stand keeps him awake. He also claims to hear spiders walking on the wall.

    It's possible that he may need a therapist instead of a sleep phone.

    said dragonmamma/naomi on June 5, 2009 at 6:31 AM
  • Lucky me, I have restless leg syndrome and haven't had a full night's sleep in 4 years. Some nights I can fall asleep fairly quickly, but I can't stay asleep for more than 1 1/2 at a time. I've tried all sorts of stuff, including sleep therapy, and now schizophrenia drugs.....don't ask me why. Dr. prescribed them for sleep, not for a personality disorder. :) Even tho' I might possibly have one of those too. I gave up on them, as I read they were addictive, and made me groggy all day long. So now I just sleep from 11:30 - 1, and then from 4:30 - 6:00, then it's out and about.

    I don't really need to be entered in the giveaway, as I doubt anything is going to help at this point. But it sounds like a very cool product.

  • Very cool product - I usually fall asleep, but wake up at 2:30 am and STAY AWAKE for a couple of hours. Not fun - wonder if these would help me go back to sleep?

  • I've been using my earbuds, but have the same problem that you do with things being all up in my ears, so this would be perfect!

  • I have such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I always think of things i need to add to my to do list. ugh!

  • Sounds like a cool product!
    I usually follow Kimmi's suggestion of audio books... except that I tend to fall asleep right before I find out whodunit, which is a bit annoying.

  • My neighbors got a new yapper, I mean puppy, a year ago and since then I haven't been able to sleep past 6am on any given day. Despite numerous conversations with them, they think the best answer is to see if he'll grow out of it.

    Looks like a great product. I'll be getting some even if I don't win. I've tried everything and settled on closed windows w/ air conditioner or earplugs that make my ears sore.

  • Oooo...I want these!

    I don't typically have too hard a time falling asleep anymore. I did before our kid was born. Because hubby likes it dead quiet. I'm a white noise (humidifier typically) person. When the son arrived I put a humidifier in his room to help with respiratory issues. It's loud enough to provide just enough noise for me too.

    My bigger issue is when I wake up in the middle of the night stressing about something random. *sigh* I hate those nights.

    I expect to be especially sleepless come late October. But that'll be thanks to kid #2's arrival, not insomnia. :)

  • SWEET! The lavendar scented sachet sealed the deal for me. Bring on the ZZZZZZZZ's.

    said Anonymous on June 5, 2009 at 7:31 AM
  • I can't sleep with the windows open very often because on one side of the house I have a body shop and on the other side an auto parts store. And for some reason everyone that shops at the auto parts store thinks it is necessary to peel out of the driveway and do the biggest burnout of all time or sit there and rev their engine until it's about to explode. I can't wait until we get a new house, but until then this would be fabulous.

  • Hmmm. My husband and I take turns being insomniacs...

    I also suffer (and believe me, suffer is a good work for it!) from tinnitus, which I have always had. I remember thinking I heard ghosts when I was five years old, and it was only when I was in college that I actually got a doctor to admit that, yes, I did actually ALWAYS hear noises and NO there wasn't anything crazy or attention-seeking about it. I've mostly solved my problem by having a fan on in any room in which I'm trying to sleep.

    When I'm being the insomniac, I wake up after maybe 20 minutes of sleep and can't get back to sleep. I grumble and lay in bed and feel angry with the wasted time. My husband, on the other hand, just can't get to sleep and usually gets back up. He gets up and goes and levels his character in Warcraft.

    Sounds like a fun item, tho. Or, at least, interesting.

  • found this blog due to the post on the "1-rule to a flat stomach" hype and was quite amused by the commentary. My question regarding the SleepPhones would be, does the fleece make you hot? I like to sleep in a cool room with the covers, and they look an awful lot like the fleece ear warmers you see runners wear in the winter.

  • I am one of those that puts his head on the pillow and then I'm asleep. Must be a gift. I do find I wake quite easily though and as an "older person" no usually wake before the alarm. My wife on the other hand tosses and turns most of the night and I don't think she's had a full nights sleep in quite some time.

  • I have terrible problems falling and staying asleep. I used to use the tv at night (with a timer), and sometimes still do, but that's not allowed by my hubby's docs. We do use an air purifier at night. And, read before bed...otherwise I obsess about EVERYTHING.

    I tried to use a sleep cd. It had the sounds of waves and was fabulous at first...until I dreamt about orcas all night long :) I would hate to see what the others would do to my dreams!

  • I guess I'm not the only one who has issues with nighttime noise!

    Javachick--yep, they seem to stay on just fine, although I tend to remove them in the middle of the night if I wake up and it's quiet.

    And Elizabeth--so far, they haven't made me hot, though our weather hasn't gotten too sweltering yet so I don't know about mid-summer heat.

  • I've been an insomniac my whole life (my mom said when I was a baby, in the middle of the night she'd find me quietly sitting up in my crib and staring around -- I can't imagine how creepy that must have been). I've been unable to leave my window open in the summer because random noises startle me out of whatever sleep I'm getting. The SleepPhones (heh, I first typed "SheepPhones") seem like a good thing to try.

  • Ooooh. I want these! I have the worst neighbours behind me that leave their dogs out all night long. The dogs then bark in the middle of the night and wake me up. I tried talking to them, but some people are just jerks.

    I too feel bad about shutting the window and cranking the A/C, so I just bitch to anyone who will listen about the stupid dogs.

  • Oooh, please enter me! Many thanks!

  • Ooh that would be so useful for me. I have all kinds of sleep issues and have for years; it drives me crazy. I've tried just about everything! I'd never heard of this before. Such a novel idea for a product.

  • I like sleep, but sometimes it doesn't like me. These sound awesome!

  • Don't enter me, my sleeping problems involve my 16 year old, 5 lb cat who not only meows but jumps on me at 2AM, 4AM, whenever.
    I do have a light - sound machine that uses binural technology, and while it is great at putting me to sleep, I tend to wake up when the 30 min track finishes.

    said Donna on June 5, 2009 at 10:01 AM
  • I have a set myself, but I've been meaning to purchase one for my mother for quite some time. Sooo, if I'm selected, I'd give it to my dear Mum.

    Seriously, though, SleepPhones are great. My house has some intense parties through the year (I live with a bunch of university students), and with these, I can sleep through the noise. YES.

    said Anonymous on June 5, 2009 at 10:27 AM
  • I'm a sleeper - anywhere, anytime, anyhow...its a gift! My mom though carries so much stress she cannot fall asleep without a book on CD. She puts her headphones in and hopefully drifts off. The ones she uses are uncomfortable and I think they're damaging her hearing. These would be perfect for her. Thanks for posting - I never would have known about these.

  • Man, sleep! You hit home here! First, I live in busy southern CA & we are surrounded by homes & condos with barking dogs, people slamming house & car doors, carrying conversations at any time of day or night, freeway noise even though I am not right on top of it (it bounces off all the homes right into ours) & MORE! This is all heard even with the windows closed!!!!! I mean it. Our windows are old so it is almost like not having them! Owners of the condo will not replace them!

    Anyway, we tried the noise machine & drove us crazy too so now we put a fan on & face it away from us on nights we don't want to freeze! Still hear the noise but not as much.

    I also have the age hormones that are now going thru the "keep you up or constant wake up" thru the night. Ain't age grand!!!

    OK, enough of my bitc*ing.. but you asked.... :-) This is a VERY SORE SUBJECT with me as you can tell!

  • Oh, I would love to be able to go to bed and fall asleep within 10 minutes. I used to be able to manage within 30, but no longer.

    Don't enter me though, I know that when my ears are covered, I just get more hot flashes and I am allergic to lavender. I guess, I will just have to continue to be awake most of the night.

  • Enter me please, great looking product! To stack the odds in favor of a good night's sleep, I eat very lightly for dinner, keep the room cool with fresh air coming in, and watch something very boring on tv until eyes start to close :-)

  • oh jeez ANYTHING to help me sleep better. I work night shift. For example. I go up yesterday with my son at 7am and was up until 10:30 this morning and could only sleep til 2 due to kids outside and lawnmowers....oh gosh I would LOVE this.

  • This looks like a great thing to have if you have trouble getting to sleep or waking up anxious and unable to get back to sleep. I would like to try these out.

  • Wow...these seem like a great idea.
    I know I don't always have trouble sleeping but my husband is a regular insomniac...and so mr tossy turny guy keeps me up too. Yeah it's good times :)

    The soothing sounds things don't work as we both pick out the sound loop bits too...and our attempt at falling asleep to the sounds of a rainstorm on CD woke us both up to peals of thunder half way through :)
    This seems like a great idea...

  • I love falling asleep to music, but I can never find good headphones that a) stay put and b) don't gouge out my ear canal. These seem like a brilliant idea!

  • Please enter me. My husband snores - loudly. Then he complains to me about having insomnia. Thanks.

  • Oh, this sounds perfect. Not only am I a BAD sleeper, I live on a noisy street with the World's Loudest Upstairs Neighbor who feels the need to hold shouted conversations on her cell phone directly outside of our bedroom window. Oy. I'm actually very cranky today because she kept me up last night and then I was so peeved that I had trouble getting to sleep. For non-confrontational me, these sound perfect!

  • I'm intrigued by the idea of it but seeing as I sleep like I've been knocked unconscious as it is (and I need to be able to hear my kids if they wake up), I don't think I have need of this. Still though, I have to admit I was entertained reading through everything you've tried!

  • I used to have no problems falling asleep unless I was really nervous about something, but I started taking a new medication last fall, and since then my sleeping hasn't been the same. It takes me a lot longer to fall asleep, and my sleeping partner gets up earlier than I do, so I don't get eight straight hours of sleep very frequently anymore. I don't know what to do at this point. I have used earplugs because I'm a very light sleeper, but they always fall out during the night, and then I get woken up by birds chirping at 4:30 a.m. So . . . I don't have any tips, really.

    said Anjanette on June 5, 2009 at 1:58 PM
  • My sleeping issues are many and frequent:
    We don't have air conditioning (nobody really does in my town, as we thankfully don't share the same climate as our southern neighbors in Phoenix), so fans and open windows are the only real options, except that trains run through our town and, though we're a good mile or so away from the town they're easy to hear on clear nights (which is every night because it's northern AZ). Then we get into my personal neuroses, which include my need to feel the weight of lots of blankets on me, the fact that after two years the boyfriend's snoring is still ridiculously loud, and these really crazy vivd dreams I keep having (What are they telling me? And why are there always midgets?).
    Sigh. It's not easy being me. Or the guy that has to share a bed with me.

    said Anonymous on June 5, 2009 at 2:00 PM
  • That seems like such a DUH idea but I'm glad someone finally did it!

  • I find muscle relaxers help quite nicely with the falling asleep. The downside is I have them because I clench my teeth at night and have a raging case of TMJ. I would love to try this!

    said AlaskaJoey on June 5, 2009 at 4:36 PM
  • I live in a dorm with a VERY loud snorer.. Pleaseeee enter me into the drawing! I would LOVE a good night's rest some time this year!

    said Anonymous on June 5, 2009 at 6:57 PM
  • What a great idea! And I didn't know my iPod had a timer in it. Duhh!

  • Oh, I could use some of these!!!!!
    Stupid hormones! (And dang kids who wake up at 3 AM and start giggling! It's adorable, but can't they wait a few hours?!?!?!)

  • That sounds like an awesome product! When my husband used to snore (he lost over 100 pounds and no longer does), I used to jerk his pillow a bit and it would usually reposition his head and stop the snoring. :-) We do sleep with a fan but there are times when I would LOVE the SleepPhone!
    Path to Health

  • AWESOME! What a great product!! I am a very light sleeper, and wake up way too often throughout the night!


  • I could really use this! Proof is that I am reading and commenting at 2:15 AM!!! Hope I win!

    said Danielle on June 5, 2009 at 11:13 PM
  • I love this idea. I tend to use ear plugs which, by morning make my ears ache for at least the first hour of the day. I take forever to fall asleep and much more often than not, don't stay asleep for long. I'm willing to try any non chemical possibilities - which have offered the best occasional solution by far, but that's a can of worms I'd rather not open.

  • Oh please, oh please, enter me right away. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the random generator to pull my name and let me win. My hubby and I have been having the epic "battle of the fan" for years now. He thrashes and snores and moans in his sleep and I must have silence! I have found that the fan noise is enough to sort of lull me to sleep but it really dries out his sinuses and he turns off the fan during the which time I promptly awaken to a slobbery snore and gnash of teeth. We are at the point where any given night, one or both of us doesnt get a good nights sleep and has to travel to sofa city. Come on sleep phones!

  • I used to live right downtown and I had become used to the constant noise so the first night. Then we moved to a very quiet cul de sac. The first night neither my husband or I could sleep because it was TOO quiet. I have not trouble falling asleep,but I know lots of people who do so the sleep phones would be a great gift if I win.

    said browngrl on June 6, 2009 at 7:20 AM
  • If I didn't think a snoring husband was enough, I am now in menopause and am being woke up by hot flashes. Not only that...I lay awake thinking about what lack of sleep can do to me physically and I stay awake worrying about that.....crazy me.....I could use a good night sleep.

  • Mmmm, sleep. I would love to find a set of binaural beats that actually does what it says it will do.

    I think Things That Go Bump/Slam/Ding in the Night are underrated as a modern plague.

  • Funny, I found your blog one night when I could not sleep. I have a mocking bird that lives outside my window and wakes up about 3:00AM. By 3:30AM that mocking bird has every bird in the neighborhood awake and singing. I don't want to sound unkind, but I really HATE that mockingbird!

  • I've got barking dogs on both sides. I don't understand how it's isn't glaringly obvious that deafening barking at 3am might be offensive. But they always seem so surprised when I ring the doorbell and wake them right up with me.

    I've even considered an airhorn. That way, I don't even have to get dressed, just aim it out the window and wake them up. Of course, the dogs would probably lose their minds...

    I currently use the sound machine. I have to crank it pretty loud. I would love to try the SleepPhones!

  • I've never had a hard time falling asleep. Give me a book and some tea and I'll be nodding off in not too long. The problem I have is that after a couple hours I wake up (usually to pee) and cannot get back to sleep so toss and turn until the morning. Ugh!

  • This might be just what I'm looking for! I'm a student in Australia who has lived in the country all her life but is now trying to get some quality sleep before exams in the big bad noisy city!

  • i want in the contest!! or i wouldn't be writing this at 12;30 am....

    said Anonymous on June 6, 2009 at 9:21 PM
  • 'K, if I was sleeping well I wouldn't be posting at 3am PST...

    For leg cramps take at least 1,000-1,500 mgs of calcium/magnesium about a half hour/hour before bed. Makes one sleepy and relaxed and stops the craps! Rolaids will help in a pinch with their calcium carbonate.

    We use a fan all year. Problem is the old one was getting clunky and the new one doesn't have the pitch we want and the volume is too high, BUT we have a 22 year old guy who plays booming thumping weird music at 3-5 am. I'm getting to where I kind of enjoy it if it's not way loud. His bedroom wall backs ours and the walls are very thin, we can hear each other cough. Otherwise it's actually quieter than the old place. I had one house about 3 back that had Harleys at 2 am, battling skunks all summer, and skateboarders at 1 am on the alley right outside the bedroom window that was an all night thoroughfare for the restless and the children of darkness.

    Pillows over the head help a little. Plus on the nights the Poodle sleeps with us sometimes he's a little pushy, but mostly a good co-sleeper.

    If I can't sleep I plug in the iPod and listen to Pema Chodron or Eckhart Tolle. If I really can't sleep I get up and read or mess around on the 'puter. ;)

  • Saw this in Health Magazine. I'm intrigued to try!

    said Anonymous on June 7, 2009 at 9:53 AM
  • A very interesting product. Not one I would spend my hard earned money for, but I am intrigued with the concept.

  • We always put a fan on--in the window in summer, and on the floor in winter. It drowns out the sound of the dogs snoring. The frackin' birds screaming at 4:30am does wake me up, but not the dogs. They keep snoring until 7 or 8.


    said Anonymous on June 7, 2009 at 10:17 AM
  • I might just have to buy these if I don't win the drawing :D I work 3 garveyard shifts a week and am married to a snorer.Nuff said!

    said Lynne Herb on June 7, 2009 at 2:04 PM
  • Thanks for reviewing these! I go through cycles of poor sleep, and it would be nice to have something on hand to help me through those moments!

  • This sounds like something my husband could use! I've got sleep apnea and the sound from the cpap machine bothers him. Thanks for offering this.

  • Ahh yes, the ever present cronic insomnia, eventually a couple of times a month resorting to one of those "PM" pain relievers, only to be slugish the entire next day. Not to mention the anxiety of climbing into bed wondering how long tonight will it take. And of course the beauty of the neighbor having a Rooster in his back yard that seems to enjoy clearing his throat at 6am.... And to think I live in the City!!!

    This product definitely seems like they might be onto something!!! Heres to hoping!!

  • Sounds great! Please enter me in the drawing

  • My binaural hearing is thoroughly messed up and I have trouble sleeping - I wonder if there's a connection then?
    Don't enter this comment, sounds like it's be a waste of time for me. Maybe I'll try some of the other ideas people mentioned though.

    said Anonymous on June 8, 2009 at 10:22 AM
  • My binaural hearing is thoroughly messed up and I have trouble sleeping - I wonder if there's a connection then?
    Don't enter this comment, sounds like it's be a waste of time for me. Maybe I'll try some of the other ideas people mentioned though.

    said Anonymous on June 8, 2009 at 10:23 AM
  • I have trouble falling to sleep. Sometimes I lay there for 2+ hours. In addition, my husband snores. Though that isn't really what is keeping me from falling asleep. I have used some meditation via earbuds but they are uncomfortable so I'm really interested in the the SleepPhones! Thanks!

    said Anonymous on June 8, 2009 at 11:55 AM
  • my husband and mom both have a hard time sleeping, although i do not. we even bought a white noise machine (sleepmate) because we, too, could hear the repeating loops on the sharper image machine!

  • I don't normally have much trouble sleeping but I find that meditation (using a CD) really relaxes me. It puts my kids to sleep as well in no time flat.

    said Jessica on June 8, 2009 at 2:14 PM
  • oo goodness i need these my family is LOUD 24/7 and not quiet in the morn that wouldnt be a problem usally but my room is right next to the living room, these would let me sleep all night

  • Apparently this site's just solving all my problems this morning. I couldn't sleep tonight as usual, came here killing time looking up something fitness related, and started going down the article list, and lo and behold, something to help me *sleep*! How perfect. :D

    said Trish on June 9, 2009 at 6:05 AM
  • These would be perfect for me as I can't wear ear buds and I can't sleep on my back but I love to listen to music when I'm trying to sleep. I hope I win!! :D

  • I've tried earplugs before and woke up with them in my balled-up fists with no recollection of taking them out. So apparently I don't like them when I'm asleep or awake. Bring on the SleepPhones!

  • Would love to try these! Please enter me in the drawing. BTW, some of the comments here are hysterically funny! Thought I was the only one bothered by clueless neighbors.

    said Pffft on June 9, 2009 at 3:38 PM
  • This is cute. You can also connect it to your mp3 players. And you can download sleeping sounds for better sleep.



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