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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Moji" Knee Wrap: Review and Giveaway

No, this is not a picture of me. I am not that tan, that slim, or that hairless. However, on the plus side, I am also not sliced down the middle, and unlike this lady I actually have a head.

So I've complained many times over the years about how running hurts my knees. I've tried different stretches, various strengthening exercises, orthotics, ibuprofin, taking breaks, cross training, avoiding pavement--it all helps, but nothing completely resolves the issue.

And sure, I'll quit running for a while (for a time I even tried to embrace dorkwalking racewalking). But I always come back to running, because unlike many forms of exercise, I actually like it!

One weapon in the battle against the pain in my crappy crunchy knees that I discovered in the last year or so (at the suggestion of the always helpful Dr. J), was icing my knees after a run. It really does seem to help pain and inflammation, and has allowed me to continue to abuse my knees week after week, which may not sound like a great thing but trust me, it is!

Here is a picture of my first Reusable Ice Pack:

But it started to leak and stink after a while.

So then I graduated to a big lumpy gel cold pack thingy I bought from a running store. I forget the brand name, but it cost about $25. You store it in the freezer, and strap in on with velcro straps. But it wasn't specifically designed for knees, so it wouldn't fit snugly and would fall off if I tried to walk in it.

So when the Moji folks told me that they had a Cold-Wrap designed for knees that would fit comfortably rather than lumpily and wondered if I wanted one of my own? I said you betcha!

And sure enough, this is gonna be a short review because the Moji really is great and there's not a lot of "cons" to talk about, just "pro's." It's a comfortable way to ice your knees with minimal hassle.

The whole thing stores relatively flat in your freezer in it's own little ziplock bag. When it's time to ice, you strap it on for 20 minutes (do watch the time or you could get frostbite), and unlike actual ice, it's not painfully cold. It uses compression as well as cold temperatures, so getting the size right is important. (It comes in lots of sizes). The thing is comfortable enough to walk around in, and if you're willing to spring for the "to go" thermos, you can take it with you you're exercising away from home and keep it cold for hours. (I didn't get to try this part, but i think it would be a really nice feature).

There's only one con to the whole system: the price. The thing retails for almost $85, and the "to go" accessory is another $55.

Is it worth it? Well, it seems like it is to me, but then I got mine free. Before, when I just had the lumpy bumpy icepack, I would frequently "forget" to ice because it seemed like a hassle. Now I use the Moji much more often.

Would you like to win a Moji Cold Knee Wrap?

Just leave a comment! The Random Number Generator will pick a winner on Wednesday, Aug 5th.

If you win, you'll need to email us your name, address, and your size information by Saturday, Aug 8th.

And I believe they are opening this giveaway to anyone! (Apparently there are some ordering issues online for those buying internationally that they expect to resolve soon, but that won't affect the giveaway).

So does anyone else have knee issues when they work out?

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  • Is it bad that my right knee already creaks? Oh me!

  • Oh Lordy, that's me. I play tennis three times a week, work out (bike) at the gym and do weights and stuff, but at my age things are really starting to go to h-e-double-toothpicks. My knees HURT. And they have their own freakin' soundtrack. I know I'll be in for knee replacements eventually. Or a wheelchair. :-(

  • What a cool invention -- pun intended. Mr. Random Number Generator, I would need a small, please. These knees do talk, and it isn't nice to hear.

  • My knees have been bothering me when I work out ever since I got hit by the mack truck last year, My hip and leg was injured and I really think it set everything off on that leg because I've had nothing but knee problems since, my doctor says there isn't "anything" wrong of course, which is lovely so he said to just wear a brace, which as you know I've not gone out and gotten yet. So I'm not suppose to do squats or leg press....I don't do leg press but I still do squats. Yeah I know, bad girl! I seriously would love to win this, mainly because I'm too lazy to drive to get a knee brace of my own.

  • I have knee arthritis already at my ripe young age. Only the left knee but still.
    I use a big blue ice pack. The asparagus spears ice pack looked familiar. I have a corn pack.

  • That sounds like a perfect invention! Would love to try it. I was just considering how I was going to start icing my knees! (I hate it)
    Pick me!

  • It sounds wonderful, but leave me out of the draw. I am not in anywhere near the need many others here are.

  • Getting the right shoes made my knees hurt a lot less (Road Runner Sports is awesome). I'm increasing my distance, but the knee pain after a few runs causes me to drop back down, this would be really cool.

  • I love running but had to cut back for awhile because of knee issues. They've been doing a snap crackle and pop impression for a few years and this knee wrap could help get me back out on the road.

  • I just started running and already my left knee is bothering me. I could definitely use this to help me keep going.

  • I have had knee issues since I can remember but when I get them checked they say they are fine - frstration! Running is fine until later that day or night! At least I could still walk around with a Moji! Yeah I don't like the half a body - LOL.

  • I do not personally have knee issues, but my husband does!!

    After 20 months on this whole weight loss regime, he finally took up some form of exercise (beyond jumping to conclusions!)... a friend of his signed him up to run a 5K and said "You're going to do this with me, so start training..."

    Before that, my husband couldn't stick with a workout routine AT ALL...

    So, really, I don't want him to quit! So something to help with his knee pain would be good.

  • I have been getting knee pains lately and also have a dumb dumb vegetable ice wrap. Sigh.

    Well go ahead and pick me already. Sheesh! :)

    Small please.

  • Oh, please, please! Icing my knee is the bain of my existence... This sounds wonderful.

  • My right knee has started to creak and crunch recently when bending it.... it sounds truly awful! My hubby ran out of the room the first time he heard it!! Maybe it could make a good party piece?

  • Would it fit around the Rancher's neck? (oops, that didn't sound quite right, did it?) He has degenerative disk disease in 6 vertebrae in his neck, and a pinched nerve somewhere in there that is causing him debilitating pain.
    As for me - I'd need a total body wrap to rid me of all my aches and pains!

  • That is a nifty little contraption! I'd love to win it.

  • I can always tell if I'm up a couple of pounds my knees tell me!

  • Oh, I have crunchy squeaky squishy knees - which means : yes please. They've been especially bad since my 20 mile charity walk a few months ago. Waah.

  • Oooh, I'm 10 years post ACL reconstruction and while its still working, it definately spends a lot of time protesting. HA! Speaking of creaky knees...I can't count the number of times mine have woken my baby up. :) I'll spend 30 minutes rocking him to sleep...gently lay him in bed....and as I go to tiptoe knee wakes him up. Darn.

  • Oooo now that I'm training for a marathon I would totally love one of those!

    Well, I'd also love to not be training for a marathon anymore too...but since I've already promised my brother-in-law I guess this would be the next best thing!

    said Linteater on July 31, 2009 at 7:41 AM
  • *groan*

    I've been doing so well this week saying "yes" to being healthy, and I've had brisk walks on the treadmill three times. However last time I started getting these really achy twinges in my right knee. And it had been doing so well for such a long time. So I might could use one of these moji things...

    It really pisses me off that when I get back into exercising some body part or other gives out and I have to slack off.

  • My knees are fine (at the moment) but my IT band does act up at times. AND I owe a friend -and his knees are toast.

    Sure I'd love me a Moji.

  • All the time! I had quite an uncomfortable aqua aerobics workout this morning because I'd done something to my right knee. Usually it's the left knee that has the problems, so I had visions of not being able to move! I was so happy that the weather was against me so that I couldn't go for a walk afterward!

  • My 49 (gasp!) y/o knees have occasional complaints. Usually each day it's a different body part. Today it's my heels thanks to 2 wks of Jillian's Shred & all that jumping around like a teenager. This product looks fab for an achy knee! -Tammy

  • My daughter plays soccer 5 times a week, and runs on the other days, she has chronic tendonitis and is supposed to ice them down every night...I'd love to get this for her. Her icer of choice is Food Lion frozen peas, but i think I can get her to switch to this uber-cool device :-)

  • I have an injured right knee that I hurt playing roller derby and any running or extensive cardio really aggravates it!! I had been going to PT for but still have issues. Thanks!! mary

  • I have 2 bags of frozen corn dedicated to knee icings (corn or peas are great because they're form-fitting). I've tried various products dedicated to icing but none have fit my knee. I've also managed to badly ice burn my knee with the gel packs (... ow).

    I'd love to try the Moji!

  • This might be the best giveaway evah!

    My knees have improved a lot since losing almost 30 pounds. Even so, I was putting ice on my left knee last week via ye olde zip lock bag filled w/ice. One of the reasons I've taken up cycling instead of running is my knees.

  • I'm in the middle of getting over some (I hope I hope) knee problems with my right knee right now.
    This would sure beat the heck out of the bag of frozen corn I'm relying on at the moment...counte me in!

  • Aw crap -Just remembered I'll be in the woods with no interweb next week...on second thought don't put me int he draw...if I won but missed out I'd be so very perturbed :)

  • Like you, I have tried it all. Right now I'm using a frozen bag of rice. This sounds so great.

  • *gasp* I need this! My little right knee is still recovering from tendinitis and icing after a run is totally necessary (and my bag of peas is just not hacking it!).

  • When I bend my knees they make a sound like a tree falling, or a particularly crackly fire really getting going. Sadly my arthritis means that my running days are over, but my racing hobble is still surprisingly nifty, if odd-looking. Nice that this competition is open to we furriners.

  • Oh, WAY better than a bag of peas. (my vegetable of choice for icing)

  • I certainly kneed this.

    said Anonymous on July 31, 2009 at 10:29 AM
  • I'm a veteran frozen-pea user for icing my knees. Peas are much more malleable than (asparaguses? asparagi?) asparagus spears.

    But a Moji would be so much better...

  • This would be great, I hate ice bags they are too cold. (and I live in the desert, you think it would feel good in the summer)

    Please Mr. Random dude, pick me.
    Thanks for this info, pricey but looks like a winner.

  • Oh, I need a Moji! This looks like a great product, I love how you can get a secure fit. PS-If I win do you know where I can find that matching sports bra and shorts? :o) I've never seen a sports wrap make a fashion statement!!! Love it!

  • My knees have been creaking forever, but I wonder if cold would hurt my arthritis? I'd love to find out, because even the pressure would help.

  • WOW! This is pretty cool! I have a friend who has new problems and I would LOVE to win this to give it to her to use. She would love it.

    said Anonymous on July 31, 2009 at 11:53 AM
  • If I were lucky enough to win one, I would most defenatly have to buy another for my other bad knee as I have a pair. BTW, I now use corn instead of asparagass as it doesn't smell so bad and the birds loveit when I'm done with it :-P I've had both replaced, but the tendons, ligaments, etc. are all still mine and seem to get extra stressed now!

    said Twin Titaniums on July 31, 2009 at 12:26 PM
  • Yes! I am 27 years old, but my left knee has been aching and grinding and generally being a pain-in-the-butt since I was 14, at which time I had a little car vs. bike incident. 14! And it only stops if I don't do anything high-impact for a month or two. Which OBVIOUSLY is not acceptable. I would love to try this product. Pick me! If you do, I am a medium, I think,

  • I would love to enter the drawing for a Moji - my cartilage-free knees would thank you!

  • i have knee and ankle issues from ballet... do they make ankle ones?

    said Anonymous on July 31, 2009 at 2:51 PM
  • So the Moji supports the development of both the Chi and the Mojo?

    Please count me in, you guys. I've already whined to you all ad infinitum about my knees.

  • Is it wrong to enter a competition because you want to give the prize to someone else as a present? There is a recession on, after all. Fingers crossed!

  • Icing is the only thing that helps my knee, also. I'd love to have a fancy ice pack.


    said Anonymous on July 31, 2009 at 4:38 PM
  • Oh the knee issues! I've had x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy and I'm still left with a knee that just won't leave me be. I'm really grateful for a chance to win the Moji as I think it might actually help and there's no way I could afford one on my own. Thanks!

  • O yes, the knee problems...Iv recently had to temporarily give up sprinting and my favourite excercise, squats. In the process of figuring out the problem, and the snapping sounds while descending the stairs are not comforting either. What a great product, Id love to try it.

    said FitnessFanatic on July 31, 2009 at 6:30 PM
  • Whooaaa expensive. But cool! That thing would be super useful. Especially as I'm playing soccer and am apparently now running races (it's the race's fault, not mine, honest).

    Weirdly enough, my knees pop and hurt every time I ride a bike. Usually I'm fine with running, but my knees and my bike do NOT get along.

  • I sure would love it. I screwed up my right knee a few months ago and it's still hurting. Moji could be my new best friend!

  • This would be great. My knee often hurts when I walk too much. I would love to try this.

  • I am with you, Crabby. All I want to do is run and I'm looking at a total knee replacement so of course, I'm not allowed. If I don't win, I think I may have to buy one of these anyway. My PT loaned me a cool contraption with an attached cooler of ice water which is the same idea but it's not exactly portable and I had to give it back. Thanks for letting us know about the Moji!

  • That would be fabulous. Sometimes between jogging and the eliptical...bleh. Any relief that has a shape instead of a flat cold thing that only forms to you after its melted is welcome...

  • Thanks for posting on this, it looks so, um, COOL!

    I have to note that I love how everything on the model is color coordinated to the Moji.

    I have no ACL whatsoever in my right knee, and when they discussed reconstruction with me, plus the cost, plus factoring in that my insurance was going to run out 3 days after I had my initial arthroscopic surgery, I declined. I couldn't take a year off to rehab either, nor afford the cost.

    So no PT after the surgery, and the knee being whacked has thrown off my hip, back and ankle too. When it aches I use ice and also a horse liniment called Grand Flex, very pricey and I don't know if they still make it. It works though.

    Someone just told me about a product called Iced Peas that comes in different size packs and mimics actual peas in the ability of the ice pack to mold to a form.

    Just FYI for all the rest of us who never (sniff) win product giveaways! ;)

  • Not sure who's ageing faster, my face or my knees, but I'd like to slow down the process for at least one of them! I'll take a large!

  • Hate the ice in the baggie that always end up leaking! Pick me! I'm a large.

  • I have a similar knee problem i'm interested to see if this helps

  • This looks awesome, sadly I've just done my knee and was icing it using the same frozen veggie method you were using.

    I'm glad to hear knee problems didn't stop you, I was going to use it as my excuse for a few days off but then I logged on here and now have no excuse (thanks, I think)

    Will have to look into this further

  • I'd love that knee wrap! I play tennis four to five times a week, and unfortunately always on hard courts, so the joints definitely take a banging. My left knee (and right ankle) are the usual culprits, and I know I should ice, but it is such a pain (and mess) sometimes. C'mon random number generator!!! :)

  • About four months ago I started doing H.I.I.T. on the treadmill three times a week. (But I never experienced the miraculous weight maybe what I was really doing was S.H.I.I.T.--ha!) About five or six weeks into it, I started to feel this tightness (and slight pain) in my right knee. It didn't hurt that much, but it definitely felt weird, especially when I was walking down the stairs. I looked online and diagnosed myself with runner's knee. I rested for two days and substituted my next interval session with a regular hour-long run. But my knee started to hurt again after the run...Anyway, long story short, I stopped doing intervals three times a week. Now, I only do intervals one day a week and run 7 miles (1 hour) on the other two days (I run every other day). I still get that tightness in my knees after a long run, but it hasn't been as bad or as persistent ever since I stopped doing intervals so frequently. I also started doing quad-strengthening exercises, not sure if it's really made a difference though. I just ordered a foam roller online to help me stretch my IT band.

  • Oh that looks awesome! I have a bad knee from an old injury and its hard to find things that done mess up my knee! Ugh!! It gets frustrating!! Crossing my fingers that i'm the lucky number!!

    said Anonymous on August 2, 2009 at 1:29 PM
  • My knee is cranky on work days. Might have something to do with the tractor-trailer sized ambulance I was assigned to work in. (large please, I have big Polish knees, strong like bull!)

  • I've had knee problems for the past 15 years, and I'm only 22!

  • Smart! I think I may have invented something similar out of desperation several long runs ago... though my ace bandage + ice pop + packing tape construction hardly looked this... cool. Many thanks for sharing!

  • I'm still under 40, and live from Synvisc shot to Synvisc in both knees. The perils of playing hard while young, I guess!! I can't run more than 5km anymore, and certainly not two days in a row, but can cycle 100 km daily all summer. Weird.

  • I am currently dealing with knee pain due to overtraining and running too much. I think my physical therapist as well as myself would be thrilled with this product.
    I am a size Medium.

  • Seriously, you are so dang funny. You are also not sliced in half and headless hahaha.

    Thanks for the info on the Moji! I am going to send my bff a link to this post as she has a knee that causes her pain with exercise, too. Even if she doesn't win - thanks for making the Moji known!

    I will like to apply for the giveaway here on her behalf! however, you can also disreguard this since I do not suffer from them. But wished to give my bff some extra winning leverage lol.

    said Anonymous on August 3, 2009 at 9:03 PM
  • I finally figured out how to run and enjoy it. It took years of trying and convincing, as I'd always been more of a swimmer. Then, my knee started hurting so badly that I had to stop and let it rest to get better.

    A year later, and I'm not back in the habit yet. Something like this could really help me out!

    said Stephocracy on August 4, 2009 at 8:58 AM
  • Oh, Size medium, Please!

    said Stephocracy on August 4, 2009 at 9:00 AM
  • I would love to have the moji knee wrap. My knees creak and running is not an option for me.

  • Looks so much more comfortable than my bag of frozen peas!

  • This sounds great. I recently lost 200 lbs and my knees are terrible. I joined a gym and hired a trainer in jan 09 and my knees always takes the longest to recuperate from training.
    Love the web site - always good a for laugh. Keep up the good work

  • oooh pick me! i got the kneesels!

    said Anonymous on August 5, 2009 at 5:19 PM
  • I went for a jog last night and my knees rudely informed me that I've put on some weight. I have crabby knees. I'd love to try this ice gizmo to see if I can silence the crabbiness.

  • It sounds wonderful, but leave me out of the draw. I am not in anywhere near the need many others her..

  • I'm post knee replacement...takes 9 to 12 months for the swelling and inflammation to subside...icing twice a day after exercise sessions and anytime swelling increases. I've tried several other systems, each has drawbacks...the Moji looks rally good!

  • My 13 yr old son has Osgoode Schlater and is in agony with his knees right now.. A friend gave us her Moji to use and it worked wonders! He hated the conventional Ice packs and was hardly ever leaving it on for more than a min.. Since Icing and Stretching is the treatment for this We really need to get our own.. Its the best product of its kind hands down! Lori

    said Anonymous on June 22, 2011 at 3:57 AM


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